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Aaron Russo's Mad As Hell Tape Is Now Available

FEAR-List Bulletin posted by Brenda Grantland, 3-15-96 (updated 7/23/01 by LF)

In the first week of January, 1996, Washington FEAR coordinator Jeffrey Steinborn, FEAR Chronicles editor Judy Osburn, and I appeared as guests on the pilot for a proposed television talk show -- "Aaron Russo's Mad As Hell." It was filmed live before a studio audience. The audience loved it. So did we. This was the very best forum we've ever had to promote our organization and our cause.

The 110 minute video is now available for purchase for $20 -- which includes shipping and handling.  This videotape is the closest we could get to a show about FEAR. The topic, of course, was asset forfeiture. We were the only guests. We got to talk about our issue without annoying interruptions from the other side.

The show was, of course, very critical of the government. It is also highly entertaining. You'll love the host, Aaron Russo -- he was hilarious.

This is a really high class production. Aaron Russo is a well-known Hollywood producer. He produced Trading Places with Eddie Murphy, The Rose with Bette Midler, Wise Guys and Teachers. He produced Bette Midler's early music career, and founded Manhattan Transfer. He's won an Emmy and a Tony, and numerous gold records. He's an all around genius and crazy person that you just have to love.

Although this is a private venture, and no part of the profits go to FEAR, it is a product I thought you would want to know about. As a program about forfeiture abuses, why forfeiture laws must be reformed, and what FEAR is trying to do -- you can't beat it. It's a great way to educate your friends about what's wrong with forfeiture. And you get to see what some of us look like -- live before a t.v. audience. (I can assure you I'm not as petrified in person.)

I think this might be a good grass-roots organizing tool for forfeiture reform. Buy a copy and pass it around so your friends can learn about it.

Send orders to: Try This video appears to be out of print but this site claims that they will make a copy for only the shipping charge. We have not checked it out.