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"Woman awarded $450,000 after strip search"

FEAR-List Bulletin posted by Leon Felkins, February 26, 1998
While there was no mention in this news article, "Woman awarded $450,000 after strip search", published by Reuters, Feb. 25, 1998, of any forfeiture and seizure of ordinary material goods, the story is related and it is just too good to miss. [If you are quick, you can find it at]

Reuters reports that, "A U.S. woman who was strip searched, X-rayed and forced to defecate in front of airport customs agents was awarded more than $450,000 a day after a jury decided her civil rights had been violated. . . .

Amanda Buritica, a 51-year-old school crossing guard from Port Chester, N.Y., was detained and subjected to body searches for some 22 hours on Sept. 22, 1994, after she arrived at San Francisco International Airport on a flight from Hong Kong. . . . [after she was stripped searched and] nothing was found, they took her to a hospital and induced her to ingest a powerful laxative that caused her to have 28 involuntary bowel movements while observed by two customs agents over an eight hour period. No drugs were found. "

How would you like to have the job of those agents? If it really interests you, contact them, as they probably have a couple of openings now (no pun intended).

Posted by Leon Felkins 25 Feb. 1998