Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

F.E.A.R.  Attorney Directory

Name: Chad Van Cleave
               Attorney at Law
Address: P.O. Box 999
City: Cameron
State: Texas
Country: USA
Zip code: 76520
Phone: (512) 497-0604
Fax: (512) 852-4755
Website URL:

Qualifications and Credentials

State/foreign bar licenses: California
Admitted to U.S. Supreme Court? No
Federal court admissions: Admitted to practice before Federal Courts in the Western District of Texas, Northern District of Texas, Eastern District of Texas, Southern District of Texas, Northern District of Florida, Northern District of California, Eastern District of California, and before the United States Courts of Appeals for the Fifth and Tenth Circuits.
Law school: Oak Brook College of Law and Government, 2002

Experience in forfeiture defense and related subjects: Federal Asset Forfeiture Cases Only.  Federal Criminal Asset Forfeiture; Federal Civil Asset Forfeiture; Federal Administrative Forfeiture.

Place an “x” next to the types of cases you handle:

 _x_ Forfeiture Trials                           _x_ Forfeiture Appeals

 _x_ Criminal Trials                               _x_ Criminal Appeals Civil litigation

 _x_ Constitutional Rights

Place an “x” next to the types of forfeiture issues you have had experience handling:

_x_ criminal forfeiture – federal               __ criminal forfeiture – state

_x_ civil forfeiture – federal                     __ civil forfeiture – state

 __ innocent owners                              __ innocent lienholders

 __ innocent spouses                            __ innocent landlords

 _x_ money laundering                            

 __ cash transaction reporting violations

 __ IRS forfeitures proportionality constitutional defenses

How long have you been defending forfeiture cases?  

6 years

How many forfeiture cases have you handled?  


List any other volunteer or pro bono work you have done involving forfeiture: Consulting with indigent claimants on their forfeiture matters.