New Hampshire police arrest 9 students in attempt to forfeit college dormitory
by Judy Osburn

FEAR Foundation Journal, Vol. 1 No. 1

Fall 2003
posted on FEAR website 4/10/2004
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A two-month undercover investigation by city police and the New Hampshire AG’s Drug Task Force netted nine arrests of McIntosh College students. Dover City Police Chief William Fenniman said he is pushing federal prosecutors to forfeit the college dormitory where most of the suspects lived. The police chief claims he just wants "to stop the building from being used for illicit activity…Whatever it takes to do that, I’m willing to do.’’

The undercover operations dubbed "Operation Home Cookin,’’ focused on students at the college’s Atlantic Culinary Academy. Jean Weld, an Assistant U.S. Attorney who handles forfeiture claims, explained that to seize a building prosecutors must prove the building owner ignored drug activity. She would not comment specifically on McIntosh College, which according to the statements by police Chief Fenniman, was not even used for the alleged illegal activities of the nine students.

Chief Fenniman admitted there would be "legal hurdles" to a forfeiture proceeding against the college, adding: "But we think we can get over them."

He stated that most of the undercover drug buys took place in the dormitory parking lot or at a gas station next door, and pointed out that one suspect was dealing "openly" in a park. Eleven of the undercover buys also took place in school zones near two elementary schools rather than the anywhere near the college dormitory.

Students who witnessed the raid reported that police used excessive force. They said reporters were present before the raid started and news photographers took pictures as students were thrown to the ground and arrested.

College President David McGuire stated, "We fully support the action taken. It’s part of an ongoing effort to enforce our zero-tolerance policy."