Police confiscate motor home because they don’t like pro-life message
by Judy Osburn

FEAR Foundation Journal, Vol. 1 No. 1
Fall 2003
posted on FEAR website 4/10/2004
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A California man filed suit on August 13, 2002, in U.S. district court in Detroit after police from Royal Oak, Mich., confiscated his motor home because it allegedly bore "obscene" pro-life messages.

Ronald Brock claims police in the southeastern Michigan city illegally took possession of his motor home during an automotive rally last year "in an investigation of obscenity" because it bore "aborted baby photographs."

Brock’s attorneys, from the Thomas More Law Center, said the vehicle "displayed messages and photographs informing the public about [Brock’s] political and religious views against abortion."

The incident took place in August 2001 during an annual event known as the Woodward Dream Cruise Weekend, celebrating the cars, music and memories of cruisin’ in the ‘50s and ‘60s in the place that put America on wheels." It attracts 1.5 million visitors and some 30,000 cars.

Lawyers for Brock charge that while police confiscated his motor home, they ignored "the customized vehicles displaying spray-painted murals of naked women and men displaying ‘Show Us Your [breasts]’ signs to women. …"

"Despite finding no evidence of a crime, the police towed away Mr. Brock’s motor home, leaving him stranded on the streets of Royal Oak with a few personal belongings in a duffel bag," said the law center.

Law Center attorneys said that in an effort to "cover their activities," police sought search warrants from the city’s attorney and the county prosecutor’s office, but both were denied.