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The story of Russian immigrant/inventor Sam Zhadanov, who went to prison and lost his assets for manufacturing plastic vials that could be used as drug containers.

January 2nd, 1995 package from Sam Zhadanov

How to order Eli Zhadanov tape, by FEAR Board member John Paff, FEAR-List Bulletin 1/26/96

Sam Zhadanov hospitalized, by FEAR Board member John Paff, FEAR-List Bulletin 1/19/96

Contacts to help Sam Zhadanov, by FEAR Board member Kathy Bergman, FEAR-List Bulletin 1/19/96

"Filling Our Jails With Dangerous EntrepeneursFEAR-List Bulletin 1/15/96, reprinting 7/21/95 article by Vin Suprynowicz, from his syndicated column, The Libertarian (discusses victim stories of Gary and Joanne Tucker and Sam Zhadanov)


Picture of Sam Zhadanov's mother next to their first press

Picture of Sam & Anna

Picture of Sam and his mother