International forfeiture

Many "asset protection" advisors in the U.S. recommend placing your assets offshore to protect them from U.S. forfeiture laws. But how safe is your money off shore, now that the U.S. government has obtained broad powers to seize and forfeit property located in other countries -- often with the other country's blessing?

Asset forfeiture is not just a U.S. phenomenon. Since the late 1980's, the U.S. has been exporting its forfeiture techniques worldwide -- encouraging police in other counties to join the U.S. Drug War's property confiscation frenzy. In the past few years, the U.S. has heavily pressured Latin American countries to enact draconian forfeiture laws like those used in the U.S. At least one country -- Colombia -- balked at the idea of taking away Due Process and ex post facto protection for its citizens. "Pass the U.S. sponsored legislation" -- the U.S. reportedly told Colombia, -- "or you won't regain your status as a full-fledged partner in the U.S. Drug War."

In this new section we'll gather information about forfeiture abroad -- foreign statutes, enforcement trends, litigation, and horror stories. Unfortunately, the U.S. media doesn't tell us much about forfeiture expansion in other countries. We need your help. Please send us newsclippings, court opinions, news bulletins, and anything else you think would be appropriate for this new section of our website. Send via email by attached file or mail to FEAR, 20 Sunnyside Suite A-419, Mill Valley, CA 94941.

Last update Oct. 8, 2003 (by Leon Felkins)

In the Community of Nations, the US has become the Mafia Don, Making offers "You Can't Refuse" - by Leon Felkins, "Rant of the Day" for 4/21/984/
Canadian forfeiture statutes for forfeiture of fish and vessels

HR-1965 contains many provisions that facilitate forfeiture of U.S. property by foreign governments

USA civil forfeiture laws extended to England in landmark case! by Dr. John Abaci, United Kingdom (Dec. 1, 1996)

Re: F -- the opinion of the British court Dr. Abaci refers to above.

U.S. Pressures Columbia to pass draconian asset forfeiture law, modeled after U.S. law -- report based on DRC-Talk bulletin from 9-21-96 and Reuters wire dated 11-22-96.

Asset Confiscation Legislation and Methodology in the USA, Canada, the UK and Hong Kong, by Clive Scott (this report is the result of a fellowship financed by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, undertaken in 1991, report published 1993).

"Breaking New Ground - Image" - (11K gif file) The U.S. Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Office Annual Report for 1993 contains this map of the world, showing property pending forfeiture to the U.S. -- much of it in other countries -- as alleged drug proceeds of the Cali cartel. The cartoon balloon pointing to the U.S. boasts: "Civil forfeiture of $4,342,946 in London pending . . . Forfeiture of additional $25,000,000 plus other assets pending." The balloon aimed at Luxembourg says "Law strengthened to close loopholes used by traffickers." The one for Panama says "Attorney General Rogelio Cruz convicted of abuse of authority related to release of $16,000,000."