Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

State Forfeiture Reform Legislation

 Revised April 19, 2011

This section covers recent legislation and lobbying activities related to the reform of state forfeiture laws. Since state forfeiture reform activities are difficult to find, we would appreciate it if you would be on the lookout for material not covered here or in need of update, and forward it to Brenda Grantland for inclusion.  If you would be willing to watch your state's forfeiture-related proposed legislation and report on it for FEAR, please email us.

"it includes examples of abuses at the state and local levels to provide a more complete picture of the problems the system presents. Many  state governments modeled their civil asset forfeiture systems after federal legislation.  For example, nearly every state adopted the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, which is similar to federal narcotics laws and authorizes forfeiture of property related to drug crimes. UNIF. LAW  COMM’RS, UNIFORM CONTROLLED  SUBSTANCES  ACT, uniformacts-s-ucsa90.asp (last visited August  12, 2009). Because of the commonalities in their structures, the abuses at both levels are similar as well. Thus, state lawmakers must also take action if civil asset forfeiture laws are to be reformed to ensure a fair system."