State Forfeiture Statutes

Fully updated March 17, 2011.

All 50 states: searchable text of selected state forfeiture statutes (pdf), 209 pages, compiled and updated March, 2010 by the National District Attorneys Association.

Most state forfeiture statutes are now available online, on websites where they are perpetually updated.  We're in the process of updating our state statute collection below by linking to these outside websites.  Because we cannot link directly to many of the individual forfeiture statutes on these sites, we list the various forfeiture statutes and their citations beneath the name of the state.  Write down the citations before clicking on the link. Most of these websites have their own search engines, in case we didn't list what you're looking for.

Alabama - statutes perpetually maintained at FindLaw, page contains links to Findlaw search results for "forfeiture" in Alabama Code.

Alaska - statutes perpetually maintained at FindLaw; list of links for statutes containing "forfeiture" at Alaska Legal Resource Center

Arizona - statutes perpetually maintained at FindLaw; searchable Arizona Revised Statutes maintained by state

definitions: 13-105
organized crime: 13-3102, 3105, 3111
gambling: 13-3310
drug offenses: 13-3401, 3407-3408, 3413, 3415, 3460
unlawful copying or sale of tape recordings: 13-3705
forfeiture procedures: 13-4301 - 4316
motor vehicle: 13-4701 - 4703
fraudulent transfers: 44-1001 - 1010

Arkansas - statutes perpetually maintained at FindLaw; free public access to Arkansas Code powered by LexisNexis

burglary, robbery, theft, arson: 5-5-201 - 204
theft of livestock: 5-5-302 - 306
weapons: 5-5-401 - 405
copying & sale of audio recordings: 5-37-510
criminal removal of fixtures from forfeited property: 5-40-103
money laundering: 5-42-204
dog fighting: 5-62-120
bear exploitation - 5-62-124
drug laws: 5-64-414, 505, 806
motor vehicles: 5-65-117, 5-73-107, 130
criminal organizations & gangs: 5-74-109

California - statutes perpetually maintained by the state

drug law forfeiture: Health & Safety Code § 11469-11495
fraud/embezzlement relating to operation of banks: Financial Code § 5320-5325
organized crime: Penal Code § 186-186.8
malicious acts: Penal Code § 594-625c
larceny/computer hacking: Penal Code § 484-502.9
unlicensed driver: Vehicle Code § 14600-14611

Colorado - statutes perpetually maintained by Colorado's Office of Legislative Legal Services (search Colorado Revised Statutes here).

Colorado statutes free public access powered by LexisNexis

16-13-505. Forfeiture proceedings.
16-13-303. Class 1 public nuisance.
16-13-307. Jurisdiction - venue - parties - process.
16-13-504. Forfeiture of vehicle, fixtures and contents of building, personal property, or contraband article - exceptions.
16-13-506. Final order - disposition of property.
16-13-311. Disposition of seized personal property.
16-13-701. Reporting of forfeited property.
16-13-316. Prior liens not subject to forfeiture - vesting of title.
16-13-302. Public nuisances - policy.
16-13-309. Judgment - relief.
18-9-208. Forfeiture of animals.
18-17-106. Civil remedies.
18-9-309.5. Civil remedies - injunctions - forfeiture.
18-12-110. Forfeiture of firearms.
13-21-809. Prejudgment attachment and execution on judgments.
16-13-314. Disposition of forfeited real property.
16-13-308. Temporary restraining order - preliminary injunction - when to issue.
8-43-402. False statement - felony.
13-45-118. Recovery of forfeiture not bar to civil suit.
33-15-104. Items constituting public nuisance - when - seizure.
39-28-306. Penalties and other remedies (untaxed cigarette sales).
10-15-119. Immunity from prosecution (self incrimination).
33-6-102. Items constituting public nuisance - when - seizure.
18-17-105(5). Criminal penalties (restraint of property).
16-13-310. Redelivery of seized premises.
42-5-102. Stolen motor vehicle parts - buying, selling - removed or altered motor vehicle parts - possession (vehicle forfeiture for intentional obliteration of vehicle identification numbers).
13-25-127. Civil actions - degree of proof required.

Connecticut - public access to Colorado Revised Statutes powered by LexisNexis; state search for statutes

Delaware - statutes perpetually maintained at FindLaw (click the link for State Code); Delaware Code maintained by state
forfeiture statutes - Title 11, Part II, Chapter 41, 4101-4122

District of Columbia - statutes perpetually maintained by WestLaw

communications intercepting devices: 23-544
illegal dumping: 9-902 - 905
drug laws: 4-904.01 - 905.03
prostitution: 22-2701 - 2723
cigarettes: 47-2409
firearms laws: 7-2507.06a
seized currency: 23-531
alcoholic beverages: 25-911

Florida - maintained by state

Georgia - maintained by LexisNexis

Hawaii - statutes perpetually maintained by Findlaw; Hawaii Revised Statutes maintained by state

forfeiture procedure vol. 14 - Chapter 712A - §712A-1 - 712A-20
drug laws - vol. 14 - Chapter 329 - §329-1 - 329-70
unlicensed construction contractor - vol. 14 - Chapter 444 -§444-23.5

Idaho - statutes perpetually maintained by Findlaw; Idaho Statutes maintained by state

drug laws - Title 37 Chapter 7
forfeiture procedure - Title 19 Chapter 47
criminal forfeiture (food, drugs & oil) - Title  37 Chapter 28
water rights - Title  42 Chapter 2
fish & game - Title 36 Chapter 4
nuisance - Title 52 Chapter 4
motor vehicles - Title 49 Chapter 2
racketeering - Title 18 Chapter 78

Illinois - maintained by Findlaw; Illinois Compiled Statutes maintained by state

drug law forfeitures - Chapter 725 Parts 150, 175; Chapter 720 Parts 150, 550, 600
firearms - Chapter 725 Part 165
criminal victims asset recovery - Chapter 725 Part 145
computer fraud - Chapter 720 Part 5/16D
obscenity - Chapter 720 § 5/11-20
gambling - Chapter 720 § 5/28-5
communications device on school property - Chapter 720 § 5/44-3
racketeering - Chapter 720 § 5/17B-25, Chapter 725 § 175/5
loan sharking - Chapter 720 Part 5/39

Indiana - maintained by state, civil forfeiture at Title 34, Article 24

Iowa -  maintained by state

Forfeiture Reform Act - Chapter 809A

Kansas - maintained by Findlaw; Kansas Statutes Annotated

Kentucky - maintained by Findlaw; Kentucky Revised Statutes maintained by state

Louisiana - maintained by Findlaw; Codified Laws of Louisianna maintained by state

Maine - maintained by Findlaw; searchable Maine Law and List of Titles, Maine Revised Statutes maintained by Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Maryland - maintained by Findlaw; public access to Maryland Code maintained by LexisNexis

Massachusetts - maintained by Findlaw; searchable Massachusetts Laws maintained by state

Michigan - maintained by Findlaw; searchable Michigan Compiled Laws maintained by state

Minnesota - maintained by state Office of the Revisor of Statuetes


Associated with controlled substances, 609.5314

Cigarette and tobacco products tax violations, 297F.21

Forfeited property, disposition, 609.5315

Liquor tax violations, 297G.20

Alcoholic beverages, 297G.20


Controlled substances crimes, 609.5314

Disposition, 609.5315


Associated with contraband or controlled substances, 609.5314

Cigarette and tobacco products tax violations, 297F.21

Disposition, 609.5315

Liquor tax violations, 297G.20

Cigarettes, contraband or vehicles used in tax violations, 297F.21

Cleaning agents seized by Pollution Control Agency, 116.29

Commissions, racketeering, 609.902, 609.903, 609.905

Condemnation rights, gifts of real property to state, effect, 94.18


Driver License Compact, effect, 171.50

Forfeitures of bail defined as, 171.01

Generally, 631.471

Prohibited, Const. art 1 s 11

Credit insurance, violations of orders, 62B.14

Criminal forfeitures

Actions to recover, place of trial, venue, 542.03

Administrative, 609.5314

Associated with controlled substances, 609.531, 609.5311, 609.5314, 609.5316, 609.5317

Associated with designated offenses, 609.5312

Claims, jurisdiction, 491A.01

Computers and related property, 609.5312

Contraband, see Forfeiture of property under CONTRABAND

Counterfeited intellectual property, 609.531, 609.895

County attorneys, duties, 609.5313, 609.5314, 609.5317

Designated offenses, defined, 609.531

Disposition, 609.5315

Firearms, 609.2242, 609.5314, 609.749

Gambling devices, prizes and proceeds, 609.762

Identity theft and financial crime, 299A.681

Judicial action, 609.5313

Law enforcement agencies, 609.5315, 609.5316

Motor vehicles, 609.531, 609.5312, 609.5315, 609.5318

Notices about, 609.5314

Possession, 609.531

Proceedings, court fees, 357.021

Prohibited, Const. art 1 s 11

Public office, conviction of accepting bribes, 609.42

Racketeering, 609.903, 609.905 to 609.908

Reports about, 609.5315

Residential rental property, see LANDLORDS AND TENANTS

Security interests in forfeited property, 609.5319


Statutes of limitations, 541.07

Statutory construction, 645.24

Summary, 609.5316

Telephone cloning paraphernalia, 609.5316

Trafficking of persons, forfeitures associated with, proceeds, distribution, 609.5315

Definitions, drivers' licenses, 171.01

Deodands, abolition of, 631.471

Depositing, county treasuries, 574.34

Distilled spirits, 297G.20


Books, records and research used in gambling, 609.762

Documents associated with contraband or controlled substances, 609.531

Environmental actions, statutes of limitations, 541.075

Estates, Const. art 1 s 11

Fermented malt beverages, 297G.20

Firearms, see Forfeitures under FIREARMS

Fugitives from justice, abolition of, 631.471

Gambling contraband, see Gambling devices under CONTRABAND

Gasoline, contraband or vehicles for transporting, 296A.24


Nonpayment, statutes of limitations, 541.06

Waste by tenant, lawsuits, 561.17

Legal proceedings, interpreters for, 611.32

Malt beverages, vehicles or conveyances used in violation of liquor tax laws, 297G.20

Motor fuel tax claims, false or fraudulent refunds, 296A.16

Motor vehicles, see Forfeiture under MOTOR VEHICLES

Nursing homes

Efficiency incentive payments, 256B.431

Operating cost efficiency incentive reimbursements, 144A.10

Off-highway vehicles, 84.7741

Ordinances, violations

County ordinance violations, disposition, 375.55

Statutory cities, 412.871

Prisoners, suicides, abolition, 631.471

Private dams, right to construct, 103G.501

Public nuisances, abatement, forfeiture of bond, 617.87

Railroads, charters or franchises, 272.24

Real property

Associated with contraband or controlled substances, 609.5311

Criminal forfeitures, see same under this topic

Good faith purchase for value, effect, 609.5311

Tax-forfeited land sales, see TAX-FORFEITED LAND

Recorded materials, pirating, 609.531

Recreational off-road vehicles, 609.5312

Restraint of trade, 325D.60

Retail dealers, personal property or vehicles

Nonpayment of sales and use taxes, 297A.91

Rifles, carrying in a public place, 609.531

Shotguns, carrying in a public place, 609.531


Associated with contraband or controlled substances, 609.5311, 609.5314

Cigarette and tobacco products tax violations, 297F.21

Liquor tax violations, 297G.20

Special laws regarding, Const. art 12 s 1

Special motor fuel

Contraband or vehicles for transporting, 296A.24

Statutes of limitations

Criminal forfeiture, 541.07

Environmental actions, 541.075

Judgments, nonpayment, 541.06

Surety bonds, town funds and accounts

Prosecution of, by town board, 366.05

Tobacco products

Contraband or vehicles used in tax violations, 297F.21


Cigarette and tobacco products tax violations, 297F.21

Liquor tax violations, 297G.20

Trusts, suspension of power of alienation, 501B.09


Cigarette and tobacco products tax violations, 297F.21

Liquor tax violations, 297G.20

Motor vehicles, see Forfeiture under MOTOR VEHICLES

Retail dealers, nonpayment of sales and use taxes, 297A.91

Water conditioners seized by Pollution Control Agency, 116.29


Associated with controlled substances, 609.5311

Summary forfeitures, 609.5316

Wine, 297G.20

Wiretapping equipment, disposition, 626A.19

Mississippi - maintained by Findlaw; searchable Mississippi Code link powered by LexisNexis

Missouri - maintained by Findlaw; Missouri Revised Statutes maintained by state

Montana - maintained by Findlaw; Montana Code Annotated maintained by state

Nebraska - maintained by Findlaw; Nebraska Revised Statutes maintained by state

Nevada - maintained by Findlaw; Nevada Revised Statutes maintained by state

New Hampshire - maintained by Findlaw; NH Revised Statutes maintained by state

New Jersey - maintained by state

2C:64-1 Property subject to forfeiture.


2C:64-2. Forfeiture procedures; prima facie contraband

2C:64-3. Forfeiture procedures

2C:64-4. Seized property; evidentiary use

2C:64-5. Seized property; rights of owners and others holding interests

2C:64-6. Disposal of forfeited property

2C:64-7. Vesting of title in forfeited property

New Mexico - maintained by FindLaw;
New Mexico Statutes, Court Rules and New Mexico Judicial Decisions 2000-2011 maintained by New Mexico Compilation Commission

New York - maintained by FindLaw; searchable Consolidated Laws of NewYork maintained by state

North Carolina - maintained by FindLaw; NC Statutes maintained by state

North Dakota - maintained by FindLaw; ND Century Code maintained by state

Ohio - maintained by FindLaw; Ohio Laws and Rules maintained by state

Oklahoma - maintained by FindLaw; Oklahoma State Statutes Public Legal Research System maintained by University of Oklahoma College of Law; Oklahoma Statutes list maintained by state

Oregon - maintained by FindLaw; Oregon Revised Statutes maintained by state

Pennsylvania - maintained by state

25 Pa. Code § 271.431. Forfeiture and seizure of property.   

25 Pa. Code § 271.432. Forfeiture proceedings.  

25 Pa. Code § 271.433. Disposition of forfeited property. 

25 Pa. Code § 271.434. Responsibility for costs.   

Rhode Island - maintained by Findlaw; State of Rhode Island General Laws maintained by state

South Carolina - maintained by Findlaw; South Carolina Code of Laws maintained by state

South Dakota - maintained by Findlaw; South Dakota Codified Laws maintained by state

Tennessee - maintained by Findlaw; public access to Tennessee Code maintained by LexisNexis

Texas - maintained by Findlaw; Texas Statutes maintained by state

Utah - maintained by state

Title 24 -- Chapter 01 -- Utah Uniform Forfeiture Procedures Act
24-1-1    Title.
WP Zipped -- 1,459 bytes
24-1-2    Purpose.
WP Zipped -- 2,665 bytes
24-1-3    Definitions.
WP Zipped -- 4,131 bytes
24-1-3.5    Jurisdiction and venue.
WP Zipped -- 2,330 bytes
24-1-4    Civil Procedures.
WP Zipped -- 4,530 bytes
24-1-5    No bond required in civil cases.
WP Zipped -- 1,582 bytes
24-1-6    Innocent owners.
WP Zipped -- 3,123 bytes
24-1-7    Hardship release of seized property.
WP Zipped -- 5,175 bytes
24-1-8    Criminal procedures.
WP Zipped -- 5,675 bytes
24-1-9    Appointment of counsel for indigent claimants in civil and criminal forfeiture proceedings.
WP Zipped -- 1,861 bytes
24-1-10    Prejudgment and postjudgment interest.
WP Zipped -- 1,885 bytes
24-1-11    Attorneys' fees and costs.
WP Zipped -- 1,913 bytes
24-1-12    Compensation for damaged property.
WP Zipped -- 2,164 bytes
24-1-13    Limitation on fees for holding seized property.
WP Zipped -- 1,644 bytes
24-1-14    Proportionality.
WP Zipped -- 2,503 bytes
24-1-15    Transfer and sharing procedures.
WP Zipped -- 4,795 bytes
24-1-17    Disposition and allocation of forfeiture property.
WP Zipped -- 2,638 bytes
24-1-18    Criminal Forfeiture Restricted Account.
WP Zipped -- 1,841 bytes
24-1-19    Crime Reduction Assistance Program.
WP Zipped -- 4,506 bytes
24-1-20    State Law Enforcement Forfeiture Account created -- Revenue sources -- Use of account designated.
WP Zipped -- 2,659 bytes

Vermont - maintained by Findlaw; Vermont Statutes Online maintained by state

Virginia - maintained by Findlaw; Code of Virginia maintained by state

Washington - perpetually updated by the State of Washington. Check "RCW & Dispositions - As of August 20, 2010" under search box

RCW 4.16.080  Actions limited to three years.

RCW 7.43.090
Final order of abatement.

RCW 7.48.090
Moral nuisance -- Contraband -- Forfeitures.

RCW 7.40.230  
Injunctions -- Fraud in obtaining telecommunications service.

RCW 7.60.025   Appointment of receiver.

7.68.310 Property subject to seizure and forfeiture.
7.68.320 Seizure and forfeiture -- Procedure.
7.68.330 Seizure and forfeiture -- Distribution of proceeds.
7.68.340 Seizure and forfeiture -- Remedies nondefeatable and supplemental.
7.68.350 Washington state task force against the trafficking of persons.

RCW 9A.83.030  
Seizure and forfeiture.

RCW 9A.82.100   Remedies and procedures.

RCW 9.41.098   Forfeiture of firearms -- Disposition -- Confiscation.

RCW 9.46.231   Gambling devices, real and personal property -- Seizure and forfeiture.

RCW 9.68A.120   Seizure and forfeiture of property.

RCW 10.105.010   Seizure and forfeiture.

RCW 46.61.5058   Alcohol violators -- Vehicle seizure and forfeiture.

RCW 48.31C.090 
Violations of chapter -- Penalties -- Civil forfeitures -- Orders -- Referral to prosecuting attorney -- Imprisonment.

RCW 59.12.190  
Relief against forfeiture.

RCW 9A.56.240   Forfeiture and disposal of device used to commit violation.

RCW 9A.82.140  
Criminal profiteering lien -- Procedures after notice

RCW 48.31B.050  Violations of chapter -- Penalties -- Civil forfeitures -- Orders -- Referral to prosecuting attorney -- Imprisonmen

RCW 48.31.280(6)   Priority and order of distribution of claims.

RCW 48.08.190 
Failure to file required information, documents, or reports -- Forfeiture

RCW 49.60.150   Witnesses compelled to testify.

RCW 50.12.120  
Protection against self-incrimination

RCW 61.30.100   Effect of forfeiture.

RCW 61.30.030
Conditions to forfeiture.

RCW 61.30.040   Notices -- Persons required to be notified -- Recording.

RCW 61.30.060     Notice of intent to forfeit -- Declaration of forfeiture -- Time limitations.

RCW 61.30.070   Notice of intent to forfeit -- Declaration of forfeiture -- Contents.

RCW 61.30.080   Failure to give required notices.

RCW 61.30.090   Acceleration of payments -- Cure of default.

RCW 61.30.110   Forfeiture may be restrained or enjoined.

RCW 61.30.120   Sale of property in lieu of forfeiture.

RCW 61.30.140   Action to set aside forfeiture.

RCW 64.12.020  Waste by guardian or tenant, action for

RCW 66.32.040
Forfeiture of liquor directed if kept unlawfully.

RCW 66.32.070
Judgment of forfeiture -- Disposition of proceeds of property sold.

RCW 66.32.080
Forfeiture action no bar to criminal prosecution.

RCW 70.74.400   Seizure and forfeiture.

RCW 77.15.070   Civil forfeiture of property used for violation of chapter.

RCW 82.26.240   Seizure and forfeiture of property -- Department and board requirements.

RCW 82.36.470
Fuel tax evasion -- Seizure and forfeiture.

RCW 82.38.360
Fuel tax evasion -- Seizure and forfeiture.

West Virginia - maintained at Findlaw; West Virginia Code maintained by state

Wisconsin - maintained at Findlaw; Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations maintained by state

Wyoming - maintained at Findlaw; Wyoming Statutes maintained by state