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Welcome to F.E.A.R.'s Forfeiture Attorney Directory

Asset forfeiture victims who have recently had their property seized need information and competent legal advice, and they need it immediately.  As any experienced forfeiture lawyer knows, the crucial first month or so after the forfeiture process begins is fraught with perils for the pro se victim -- they can end up waiving their right to a jury trial or lose the case by default, just from not knowing what to do.  Finding a lawyer experienced in asset forfeiture defense is very difficult for most  forfeiture victims.  We want to help solve that problem with this on-line Forfeiture Attorney Directory.

More and more, new forfeiture victims turn to the internet to find help, and when they plug the word "forfeiture" into any search engine, they find the FEAR website.  We want to give them enough information about qualified forfeiture lawyers in their geographical area to allow them to shop around and find the right lawyer for them.

We need all of you experienced forfeiture lawyers to enlist now by completing a Rich Text Format application and attaching it to an email addressed to  An attorney directory listing costs $100 per year (Paypal order form here.) and helps attorneys bring in new business, while increasing forfeiture victims' chances of finding experienced forfeiture counsel.

Note to forfeiture victims:  FEAR compiled this attorney directory for your convenience in finding a source of experienced forfeiture lawyers, but you have to check out the lawyer's credentials for yourself.  These lawyers do not work for FEAR, nor does FEAR vouch for their competence or experience.  The information displayed about them on this website was submitted on the honor system.  If it comes to our attention that any of the information an attorney provides is false, we immediately take down the attorney's listing.   But unless and until that happens, it's up to you to check credentials. 

Listing by State and City

We regret that so few attorneys are now listed, but FEAR's finances require us to enforce attorneys' annual fee. 
Victims: when they find a good forfeiture lawyers, please encourage them to purchase a listing, so that other forfeiture victims who need experienced counsel may benefit.

Most, if not all, of the attorneys on this list are able to take on federal cases outside their own state.


Stephen R. Glazer - Flagstaff


Brenda Grantland - Mill Valley

Jacek W. Lentz - Los Angeles

Shawn R. Perez - San Clemente

Daniel Smith - Chula Vista

Michael John Shambrook - Ukiah, Mendocino County

Timothy E. Warriner - Sacramento


Joshua Sabert Lowther - Savannah


Michael P. Schmiege - Chicago


Stephen Foster - San Antonio

Chad Van Cleave - Cameron


James C. Bradshaw - Salt Lake City