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Revised 1/2/2005 by Brenda Grantland

Our Private Collection of Reference Materials on Asset Forfeiture - New section! Contains online versions of the two most useful "almost-banned DOJ publications" and excerpts from FEAR's Asset Forfeiture Defense Manual and supporting material - available only to FEAR members
Brief Bank Index - by Type of Motion, Brief or Pleading - (lists all the motions & briefs in our Brief Bank - approximately 85 of them)  Contains new items just added today!
Brief Bank Index - by Issue - (Note:  this index has not yet been updated to include new motions and briefs added in the past year)

How to get access to these materials:  Access to this section of the FEAR website requires a user ID and password.  If you had a password, but it no longer works, your membership may have expired.  To obtain or renew your subscription online using PayPal, click here.  The user ID and password will be emailed to you when we receive notice from PayPal of your dues payment (usually within a few hours). 

Note to users of the FEAR Brief Bank:  The Brief Bank contains primarily federal motions, pleadings and briefs, but a few are from various states.  If you adapt a federal pleading to a state forfeiture case, or vice versa, please research the applicable law carefully.  See the FEAR Law Library for links to federal and state statutes. The requirements for motions and pleadings vary dramatically -- check the local rules for your court to get the proper format and additional requirements.  State courts often have different names for various things, and procedure may vary substantially -- so do your homework when adapting a motion or brief to another jurisdiction.

Please note that some of the motions and pleadings predate CAFRA (effective August 23, 2000).  If CAFRA changed the law and procedure in your category of forfeiture cases, then you'll need to use the CAFRA version, if there is one.   The pre-CAFRA pleadings which we left on the website can be modified for use in  non-CAFRA "Customs carve-out" cases.   Figure out whether your case is a "CAFRA case" or a "non-CAFRA case" -- and then choose the appropriate version of the sample pleading.

Attorneys:  please send us your sample pleadings, motions and briefs to add to our collection.