Forfeiture Briefs
 Updated February 26, 2004 by Brenda Grantland

Briefs and Petitions Filed in the U.S. Supreme Court

Jeff Finer's Hypertext $405K S.Ct. Merits Brief  (double jeopardy)*

$405K Amicus Brief of ACLU(double jeopardy)*

U.S. v. $405,089.23 - Government's Petition for Certiorari to the Supreme Court(double jeopardy)*, filed August 28, 1995

Libretti v. United States, amicus brief of F.E.A.R. Foundation, filed 6/30/95

Bennis v. Michigan, certiorari petition filed March 29, 1995

U.S. v. James Daniel Good Real Property, amicus curiae brief of the Institute For Justice,
U.S. Supreme Court, 1993,(Institute for Justice is a D.C. public interest law firm active in property rights issues, and a long time ally of F.E.A.R.)

* Note: The double jeopardy issue was lost in the U.S. Supreme Court and is no longer a valid argument.   These double jeopardy briefs are included for historical purposes only.

FEAR's Brief Bank

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